Min-Y-Llan & Tom Roberts

Split Personalities

Released on Friday, 31 May 2013

Genre(s): Ambient, Modern Classical, IDM



  1. Min-Y-Llan - Black Bird (Clouds Drift Slowly Past)
  2. Tom Roberts - Divinitus (Silentium)
  3. Min-Y-Llan - Classical Moments
  4. Tom Roberts - The Agriculture of Conflict
  5. Min-Y-Llan - Lie Down in Darkness
  6. Tom Roberts - Tiger's Eye
  7. Tom Roberts - Paper View
  8. Min-Y-Llan - Sign of the Times (Chant)
  9. Tom Roberts - Become a Wonder
  10. Min-Y-Llan - Times Fly When I'm With You
  11. Tom Roberts - Co-Pilot
  12. Min-Y-Llan - Sky Fog
  13. Tom Roberts - Unite

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ISIGTUTEOT presents "Split Personalities," from Martin Boulton, aka Min-Y-Llan, and Tom Roberts. 

A rich blend of ambient, modern classical and IDM works which evoke a plethora of moods and emotions, these collective works present a harmonious synergy between the two artists, with each and every track perfectly accompanying the next. 

Limited run of 50 CDs. 

Stay tuned for more new releases!


ISIGTUTEOT-012/n - Min-Y-Llan & Tom Roberts - Split Personalities is © Copyright ISIGTUTEOT 2013. All rights reserved.


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