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  • What is "ISIGTUTEOT"? Open or Close

    ISIGTUTEOT ("ISIG" for short) is a community based record label. It was devised during a music project called War & Peace which was undertaken by an international group of music producers via the Discogs Music Production Forum. It was then decided to release the independent Chinese Whispers project which was just drawing to a close at around that time. 

    As well as community remix, themed and compilation projects, we also release artist albums and EPs.  We are open to any style - beauty is in the ears of the beholder.  If you would like to contribute check out the Projects section or send us a demo via the contact form

  • What does "ISIGTUTEOT" mean? Open or Close

    "ISIGTUTEOT" stands for "In Short it's Gone Tits Up This End of Things" and came from a Discogs forum post by Tsunto (aka SoHauntMe) re: difficulties he was having with his War & Peace track. We were looking for a name at that time and it fit the bill perfectly. Now you know! ;)

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  • What about licensing? Open or Close

    Unless otherwise stated, all ISIG releases are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Creative Commons Licence

    Copyright on our commercial releases varies from project to project.  "Commercial" releases are basically anything we charge money for; this generally means it is a CD release, or, a digitally downloadable facsimile of a CD release. 

    ISIGTUTEOT retains the copyright for all commercial group projects and compilations.  However, you are free to use your own tracks for whatever purposes you like, including re-releasing with other labels. 

    For commercial artist albums and EPs, any sales will be split between the artist and the label.  The default rate is a 50/50 split after all setup costs are covered, however, this is negotiable on a per-release basis.  ISIGTUTEOT retains exclusive rights to the material for 12 months.  After this time is up the copyright defaults back to the artist.  ISIGTUTEOT will retain distribution rights to any ISIGTUTEOT branded material during and after this 12 month period.  Basically, this means you can re-release your material on any label after the 12 months is up, but we will continue to sell any remaining ISIGTUTEOT branded stock containing your work. 

  • When will I receive my fees? Open or Close

    Artist fees for commercially released material are paid on a quarterly basis, commencing from the date of release.  Payment options will be arranged prior to release and you will receive a quarterly report detailing all sales.  Please note, you will not start receiving fees until any setup costs are covered (only applicable to physical releases). 

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