To Be Where Life Is

Released on Sunday, 08 February 2009

Genre(s): Ambient, Modern Classical



  1. Wet White Sand
  2. Water View
  3. Dark Lights
  4. Verbose (A Reason)
  5. Colour Fades to Black and White
  6. To Be Where Life Is
  7. A Walk Down the Midlands
  8. Growing Up In Spring Gardens
  9. Twisted Brain-Wrong of a One-Off Man Mental
  10. Time and Space
  11. She Put Me Here (Mum's the Word)

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ISIGTUTEOT is proud to present this amazing album from Pembrokeshire’s Martin Boulton, aka Min-Y-Llan. Previously only available on limited edition CDr now downloadable for free.

Every now and then there is an album that just needs to be played from beginning to end. This is one of those albums. This truly resplendent selection of Ambient and Modern Classical master works by Martin Boulton takes you on a glorious sojourn through the artist's life and surroundings in magnificent style.

The album begins with the deep, dark and broody ‘Wet White Sand,’ which lulls you into a false sense of insecurity before it gives way to the gorgeous ‘Water Way’ with its rich strings and pads. The piano driven ‘Dark Lights’ paves the way perfectly to the profound ‘Verbose (A Reason)’ which is a homage to Allan Richmond, who inspired Martin to capture his thoughts in sound.

Track 8, ‘Growing Up in Spring Gardens’ takes us down an altogether different path with a 4x4 driven number, with a deep arpeggio bassline, filtered percussion and high reaching strings, which soars to lofty heights. The Chris Morris inspired ‘Twisted Brain-Wrong of a One-Off Man Mental’ takes us further; into the intense, beat driven IDM arena in its dark, almost stygian, semblance layered with rich strings and pads.

The album eases you back down to earth with more exquisite Modern Classical in the form of the celestial ‘Time and Space’ and the solemn, emotional, lush pads of ‘She Put Me Here (Mum’s the Word)’ which brings this sublime album to a close. Top work by a top producer of the future.  Check out Min-Y-Llan ‘The Letterston EP’” (PS06) which was released on the same day, February 8th 2009 (the artists birthday) on Parallax Sounds.


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