Genre Specific

Released on Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Genre(s): Ambient, Chiptune, Dub, Europop, Glitch, Hip Hop, Modern Classical, Noise



  1. DiLATiON “Wild Westside” (Instrumental Hip Hop)
  2. Mayakovsky “Stutter” (Glitch)
  3. The Sky Patrol “SDSS_J090745.0+24507" (Noise)
  4. Menaz “You Are Squeezing Too Tight” (Pop Dance)
  5. nike.bordom “Circuit Lady (More 8bit)” (8bit/Chip Tune)
  6. Cedric von Flugel “Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!” (Ambient/Modern Classical)
  7. Bittasynic “A Bitta Shade of Dub” (Dub/Reggae)

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For this project we devised a list of loads of different genres of music and assigned each a number. Using a random number generator we randomly assigned a genre to each participant who then had to make a track in that style. The randomly assigned genres ended up being: Instrumental Hip Hop, Glitch, Noise, Pop Dance, 8bit/Chip, Ambient/Mod. Classical and Dub/Reggae.

The idea was to get people outside of their comfort zones and see how they fared venturing into territory they may not be used to. 

A very mixed bag and very successful project overall!


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